We research on rice bran, the fiber-rich and nutrient dense food
and its impact on child growth and overall health.


High in iron, vitamin B, gamma-oryzanol, vitamin E,
polyphenols, such as ferulic acid and many other nutrients

Proven to promote physical growth and gut health in 95

Our Research of
Sangyod Rice Bran

We found that a specific type of rice called Sangyod rice
has highest amount of iron at 30 mg/100 g

Sangyod rice is a red-violet rice harvested specifically in
Pattaloong, Thailand, the most suitable region to grow
the rice with superior quality of water and climate.

Iron in
Sanyod Rice Bran

Spinach = 2.71 mg/100g**

Pumpkin Seeds = 8.82 mg/100g**

Brown Rice = 5.18 mg/100g***

Riceberry Rice = 10.51 mg/100g***

Sangyod Rice Bran = 30 mg/100g***

* studied with 95 6-12 months infants; Scientific Reports volume 9, Article number: 13919 (2019);
  studied by researchers from Colorado State University, USA.

**U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)
*** Department of Biomedical Engineering, Prince of Songkla University